This bit really made me laugh, Sue "mentally, I’m done with spring bulbs." haha.

Is it wrong of me to want to just start watching Happy Valley all the way through from the beginning? It's like that Prince song (covered by Sinead O'Connor) Nothing Compares... I am sorely tempted.

Thought of you yesterday while at my mum's watching the news about Eurovision in Liverpool. Such excitement, brilliant!

I'm doing a new "thing" on Substack, would love to have you along for the ride - https://silverscreensuppers.substack.com/about - if you like it, as we said at school, SPREAD IT!

Stay cosy! Jx

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thanks Jenny, I'm going to put a photo of the view outside my window on Insta. It's DIRE! I'm going to binge watch Happy Valley one of these days - from the start!

Eurovision is turning into a nightmare - the staff aren't allowed any tickets for any of the shows and because they are only providing the venue, they won't even be in attendance. But both my grandsons have assumed they're going. Heyho!

I'm in Essex this weekend and going to position myself in the cafe of the National Gallery on Monday in the hope that LWS will come out to play. Any chance of you coming along?

I'm going to look att your new thing on Subbie now xx

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Oh no, what a shame staff can't go. I bet there will be a huge family party though. Eurovision was a bit part of my 20s and 30s. Alas, there's no way Mr R would watch it - CURSES!

I wish I could skip work and come and see you on Monday but I am under the cosh, do put pix of any LWSers that join you up somewhere!

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